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Parking Office: Committee meeting will address complaints

The parking office meets with a committee each year to discuss changes to the parking policy on campus. Following the new policy effective this year, Captain Robert Manning said that the committee will meet to reassess the surface lot parking guidelines. Photo by Kait Bedell

Last year the Parking Office made new changes for resident student parking on campus. As the current academic year comes to an end, they plan to reassess the parking policy and address student concerns.

Since this new policy was implemented, students have two garages to choose from for parking: North or East/West garages. In addition to this, parking for students holding a surface lot permit has also changed.

As opposed to surface lot permit holders being assigned to one specific lot, a student with this permit has been allowed to park in any lots that are considered surface lots. These include Carpenter, Klingbeil, Forest Ave, McClelland, Maple Terrace, Plummer, Van Winkle, Rockwell Daycare, and Grove Street.

According to the Parking Office, the Student Government Association has worked alongside them as they have reviewed parking on campus.

“A lot of time and effort went into these changes with the help and support of the SGA. We appreciate their continued support,” the Parking Office said.

SGA President Michael Woo said SGA often collaborates with various offices on campus to enhance the student experience.

According to Woo, an SGA member served as a student representative on the parking committee that approved this year’s parking policy.

“...We have aired student concerns about the Rockwell lot’s under-utilization to the Campus Police Command Team and Derek Pinto, VP of Administrative Services,” Woo said. “Our hope is that the parking committee is reinstated with student representation to discuss potential improvements next year.”

Woo said to his knowledge the committee has not met again since implementing the newest policy, however, Campus Police Captain Robert Manning said a committee is set to meet to discuss parking policy again after the academic school year.

Manning said the Parking Office has already recognized the concerns students have over the Rockwell lot, and that it will be discussed during the upcoming committee meeting.

“The biggest feedback we’re getting is from a small group of students who live up in Forest and Rockwell,” Manning said. “They see that lot in the optics, and they don’t understand there are other things in consideration. They only look at a lot that appears to have a lot of open spots,” Manning said.

Since the lot is located close to Grellier Field, Manning said the area serves as a multi-purpose lot which is “great” for handling athletic events. After hearing student concerns, however, Manning said the issue will definitely be talked about moving forward into next year.

Manning said the Parking Office tries to use “discretion” when it comes to parking violations on campus as they understand that parking is an issue, but students also need to do their part by abiding by the rules as much as possible.

“I wish people would all follow the rules,” Manning said. “It would be nice if everybody abided by the rule, but they don't.”

Manning said that it’s “not fair” for students who pay to park on campus for students without a permit to be parking in their spots.

While Campus Police tries to enforce parking violations, Manning said they are not perfect and they are trying to do what they can to help make the situation better.

“Are we 100 percent? Probably not,” Manning said. “But we’re pretty good at helping people out and I don’t think that gets relayed a lot.”

Manning said that the Parking Office is always looking to make improvements as best as they can, but that he encourages people to reach out to them with any issues.

“We try to deal with what we have and what’s presented to us as best we can with this, with the understanding that everybody has a concern over the parking,” Manning said. “I wish if people do have questions or problems to come and talk because we are open to trying to make sure we’re helping the members of the community out every day and not fighting them.”

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