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Paul Gray joins softball program

Softball Head Coach Paul Gray leads the team in his first year at Lasell. Photo courtesy of Matt Johnson

The softball team recently welcomed a new head coach, Paul Gray. Originally from northeast Ohio, he moved around in a military family and grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball. Gray started coaching high school baseball in 2016, starting at the JV level before progressing further. Gray has a deep and rich history with softball and is looking to add to that while creating new memories with this team.

From practice to games, the team runs differently, with Gray now at the helm. Gray is tasked with getting the softball team into a competitive position all while getting used to the new system and atmosphere. The Lasers finished the 2023 season 28-16-1 under Coach Sarah Woodside.

Gray added that getting settled has been hectic and that it has been “foot on the ground running,” since taking the job. Gray has leaned on the veteran members of the team, and his assistants to help adjust to Lasell. 

Gray takes on situational things in a different way, which may make the team more effective when they start playing. 

“The last coach was more focused on drills, Gray is more focused on what didn’t go well last game,” sophomore pitcher Grace LeClair said.

Gray’s practice plan will greatly affect how the team plays on the diamond. The style and level of urgency that Gray has brought will be something to watch unfold as the season goes on. “The Florida trip was fun, and I learned a lot. The team showed they can compete, and the main goal is to compete for the conference championship,” Gray said. 

The players have also had to adjust to the new system that Gray has brought with him. “[The team] has different workouts, and we’re way more structured,” outfielder Alyssa DeMarest said. 

Not only does Gray have an extensive knowledge of the game, he has already started building relationships with the team on and off the field. DeMarest stated that Gray is an “easygoing guy that doesn’t like it when you mess around.” 

Although he’s not one to fool around, he still allows the team to be comfortable and enjoy themselves. Players are happy to speak about him and what he’s done to help the team in such a short amount of time. LeClair described Gray as a “positive guy, calming, relaxed, not the type to be scared of.”

“Coach doesn’t get mad usually, whenever you make a mistake he gives corrections for next time, you feel confident because he knows the sport so well, [he] wants the team to support each other,” LeClair said.

Since joining the program, Gray has made it his mission to get the girls to support each other more than they ever did before. The intended result of Gray’s plan is for the team to gain more chemistry which will help them as the season unfolds. The Lasers are already off to a strong start, finishing their spring break Florida trip with a 4-6 record.

The softball team is itching to win big this year, and there’s no doubt that Coach Gray is ready to lead them. 

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