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Surface lots shuffle after daycare reopening

The Rockwell daycare lot is no longer available for residenital surface lots. These spots are now reassigned to other areas on campus. Photo by Kait Bedell

Resident surface lots have seen a change in parking assignments as the Rockwell Daycare has reopened after a four-year break. The daycare center, which reopened beginning the week of March 18, required the usage of nine residential parking spots. In response to this reopening, campus police have accommodated students holding residential surface lot parking permits. “In numerous conversations, it was decided that that parking lot is now going to be assigned to just the daycare,” Captain Robert Manning said. “And there were many logistics and many discussions that went into it.”  Campus Police Office Manager Nicole Civitarese primarily works with student parking passes and said that the parking office has adjusted parking assignments so that no spots were lost. As she re-assigned spots to students, Civitarese said she tried to keep students within a relatively close spot to their dorms. 

“I knew students that live in that area are losing spots in that area, so why would I say we’re going to put them in North garage? That’s not fair to them, or any of you guys,” Civitarese said. “So I kept all of the relocation in the Rockwell, Forest, McClelland, Van Winkle Area.” 

While Civitarese ensured that students were not placed on the opposite side of campus from their dorm, junior sports communication major Ciro Zanetti said that parking on campus is still frustrating.  

“I have not enjoyed the process of finding a spot while the Rockwell lot has been unavailable,” Zanetti said. “It makes it feel like a waste of a lot of money since I’m always walking so far from my car.”  

Senior communications student Maeve Willerup said that she is happy with the way that the parking office handled the parking changes and that she has not been negatively affected by the daycare reopening.  

Willerup has a residential surface lot and was reassigned a permit for the East/West garage as a result of the changes.  

“I think the parking office handled the changes well, and I am happy with my reassignment,” Willerup said. “There are only so many available spots on this campus and they always do everything they can with what they have to put students first, which I think sometimes goes unnoticed.”  

Manning also said that the parking office prioritizes students who pay for parking on campus and that they also use a lot of discretion for students who do not comply to parking rules.  

“We really use a lot of discretion, and we’re not trying to tow cars,” Manning said. “We could tow cars every day, but this chief does not want to put that burden on students and staff. But from a strict parking regulation, we could tow ten a day.”  

Manning said he is aware that parking is an issue for students on campus but that campus police try to “minimize inconvenience” as best as they can for students.  

“We try to minimize inconvenience, but not everyone’s going to be able to park right at their back door,” Manning said. “It’s just the way the campus is set up and the logistics of the campus.”  

While Manning said the parking office is accommodating for individuals with parking struggles on campus, he also said that he encourages students who have issues or questions regarding parking to come speak with the department.  


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