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The world is yours

As I pondered how I was going to write this final chapter of my time at Lasell, I reflected on some of my early work from my first year at the school. What I stumbled upon was a pretty roughly worded first impression essay of my first few weeks of being on campus as a freshman. What I can most definitely say is that a lot has happened since then that has changed my life for the better. These times also allowed me to connect with some of the most amazing people on campus through various organizations and events that I’m ever so grateful for.

Photo by Joe Giacco

For starters and hardships, we are a generation that has powered through a pandemic like no other. Overcoming online schooling as well as adapting to change through a time when we are all supposed to be learning about ourselves and the people we want to become. Luckily enough, with Lasell being the everchanging beast that it is, I think that we have all still had a successful education that will guide us to the future careers that we aspire to. It has also given me some pretty amazing and unique memories that have shaped me into who I am now and will be once stepping foot off campus.

Along the lines of academic skills, my writing and photography have improved some since my freshman year, or so I hope. All of this wouldn’t have been if it weren't for the support of my former Chronicle advisor and professor, Marie Franklin. She was the one who towed me into the world of journalism and photojournalism through the 1851 Chronicle. She believed in my strengths as an up-and-coming writer for different stories, as well as a photographer that had brought many great galleries to its various sections. Without her, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to take on issue-based assignments and excel in them when it came time to layout.

Speaking of layout, if it wasn’t Professor Franklin supporting my work, it was the support and trust of my fellow colleagues. It was they who decided in my second semester aboard the Chronicle that I would become the future Art Director for the staff. In this role, I was able to work on the design of every print issue since the fall of 2020. I have learned many different things about myself as well as about the lovely program InDesign and all its little quirks from this role. I have also had the chance to teach others about this program as well as what the style of a newspaper should look like. That way, they have the knowledge for the rest of their time at Lasell into their future careers as writers and journalists.

One thing I can positively say is that I will be leaving behind roles and responsibilities in the hands of great people across campus. I look forward to seeing what comes of next year's Chronicle issues and breaking stories across campus. As for myself and most of us graduating, it’s on to the next big thing. However, no matter where any of you are: job searching, have a job lined up, or just plan on packing it up and going home, I wish you all the best of luck post-graduation and that you make the most of your time in life as you have through thick and thin here at school.

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