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Boomer: a legacy 172 years in the making

Members of the original team that created Boomer in 2007 pose for a photo in the Athletic Center. Photo courtesy of Chris Lynett

The vision for Lasell’s future has long been rooted in the idea of light since the institution’s founding in 1851.

More than a century later, that light still shines through the school’s torch-bearing mascot, Boomer.

The symbol of Lasell’s “flame of knowledge” is one that has been 172 years in the making. As the university has progressed over the years, school spirit, particularly in the athletics department, was seeking an icon.

“The torch represents the flame of knowledge, and it was really important for us to include the torch with Boomer,” Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications Chris Lynett said.

Boomer poses with members of Campus Police in Valentine Dining Hall. Photo courtesy of Caitlyn Smith

After becoming a coed institution in 1998 and forming the Student Athletic Advisory Committee in 2000, student interest in a mascot grew within the community which led to the formation of a committee which would be responsible for the creation of Boomer.

The committee, which consisted of two coaches, two student-athletes, the Director of Student Activities, and the Director of Electronic Communication for EM, began their search for a school icon in 2007.

The process began with the hiring of an outside mascot creation agency who would help Lasell determine what they wanted their image to be. After conducting brand assessments, launching internal campaigns, and seeking community input, the committee determined that they wanted a mascot that would encompass the light and strength that the university was founded on.

Boomer with his birthday cake in Valentine Dining Hall in March. Photo courtesy of Caitlyn Smith

“We wanted Boomer to represent the institution as a whole, not just on the athletic side,” Lynett said.

After working with the agency to develop several options for the mascot, the committee had narrowed it down to three potential concepts; Lieu, Blue Flash, and Lightning. These three different mascot visions would then be combined to create a few options, including variations of the Boomer that is known today, as well as a penguin.

As they continued review, the committee settled on the gender-neutral blue figure that would later become Boomer. During the mascot’s launch, it was critical to the committee that the mascot would highlight the school’s backstory.

“I'll never forget a meeting we had where we were deciding whether or not Boomer should have a torch," Lynett said. “ The students were in this meeting and this became unbelievably apparent when we had this specific meeting because the students said it's part of our story, and I am so glad those students spoke up, because if they didn’t speak up then Boomer wouldn’t even have that torch.”


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